Size: 330 sq km (130 sq miles)

Lake Manyara National Park is a Tanzanian national park located both the Arusha and Manyara Regions of Tanzania. The park is governed by the Tanzania National Parks Authority. The majority of the land area of the park is a narrow strip running between the Gregory Rift wall to the west and Lake Manyara, an alkaline or soda-lake, to the east.

The park consists of arid land, forest and a soda-lake which covers as much as 200 sq km (77 sq miles) of land during the wet season but is nearly nonexistent during the dry season.


Lake Manyara National Park is well known for the flamingos that inhabit the lake. During the wet season they inhabit the edges of the lake in flocks of thousands, but in the dry season they can be fewer in number.

More than 400 species of birds inhabit the park and many remain throughout the year. Because of this, Lake Manyara National Park is a good spot for bird watching. Visitors can expect to see upwards of 100 different species of bird on any given day.

Leopards, lions, elephants, blue monkeys, dik-dik, gazelle, hippo, giraffe, impala, and more inhabit the park and many can be seen throughout the year. There is a hippo pond at one end of the park where visitors can get out of their cars and observe from a safe distance. The leopards and lions are both known to lounge in the trees while not hunting for prey.